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In business as in life, many times we begin to climb difficult "mountains" and strive to overcome many "challenges" on our own.

When we accomplish one

"goal" there always appears

to be a higher "mountain" to

climb and more "challenges" 

to overcome.

Sometimes we get pretty far on our own - many times we need a hand to make it to the next level, to accomplish the next goal, to come up with the next idea , the next plan, or to keep us looking up and not down. That is what we do! 

There are times we need to stop, turnaround can make it to the top. There are times we can overcome our challenges. There are times we have to help others who are following.

An Experienced Certified Management Consultant:  

1. Advises and counsels many

    hundreds of families in business 

    and corporate executives

2. Advises and offers workable, realistic 
    solutions to managing both the 

    personal and business challenges the

    clients face 

3. Possesses a wide variety of leadership,

    management and relationship

4. Uses innovation and creativity to

    tailor each suggestion to the needs of

    specific clients
5. Achieves  a management rating

    certification by experienced   

    management professionals following a

    strict code of ethics

6. Jim Kwaiser is a Certified Management


7. Because of reputation, he is still sought

    out after over 40 years

Then there are times we need a helping hand. One person we trust who will never let go. One person that will be there for us in confidence. 

An experienced individual who can help us talk through strategies for climbing the "mountains" and overcome the "challenges" we face everyday. 



We are with you when you need us!

* An experienced corporate leader, company owner and
   board member


* A trusted adviser to company leaders including COB, CEO,
   COO, Presidents

* Over 40 years as a mentor, business coach and leadership     instructor

* A confidential adviser who has assisted families and
   businesses with their
relationships as well as business

Over 40 years experience

 Kwaiser Consulting

Management Consulting Services

911 Aztec Trail - Mercer, PA 16137
             Jim Kwaiser, CMC
             AnnMarie Kwaiser, RN     


What makes us different?

 * We arrange a "flat fee" based on the type of service that is a "fit"
    for you.

 * We don't sign a contract - so you are not "stuck" with us or "us you"
    if it is not working out.

 * We have practical experience in a wide variety in Leading, managing
    and Owning companies.

 * We are semi-retired after over 40-years of working with all types of

    companies through-out the United States & we have been to England

 * We treat your business as our own

 * You won't like everything we tell you, because we will tell you what
    you need to hear!

 * We are still here after 40+ years of working with hundreds of

Over 40 years experience

 Kwaiser Consulting

Management Consulting Services