In business as in life, many times we begin to climb difficult "mountains" and strive to overcome many "challenges" on our own.

Usually you will start the "climb" on your own. Learning as you go, taking one challenge at a time and establishing a new goal after the last has been accomplished.  

It is just as true in Life as it is in Business that in order to succeed there will always be more challenges to overcome and more goals to achieve.

As you move further up your mountain by accomplishing more of your goals, each new challenge is more difficult and harder to achieve on your own. 


We can help you identify those people who have the innovation, creativity and decision-making ability to help you overcome your challenges and accomplish your goals. Let's discuss how we can help you lead them.

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We can help you identify and prepare your next company leaders 
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Most leaders reach higher success when they have an individual who they can trust, talk to without worry, ask for advice and know they will be told what they need to hear. The right adviser is always ready to help you to the next level. Jim can help get you there.

We have been successfully advising company leaders for over 40  yrs.

An Experienced Certified Management Consultant:  (What we do)

1. Advises and counsels many hundreds of families in business     and corporate executives

2. Advises and offers workable, realistic solutions to managing
    both the
personal and business challenges the clients face 

3. Possesses a wide variety of leadership, management and

4. Uses innovation and creativity the tailor each suggestion to
     the needs of
specific clients

5. Achieves  a management rating certification by experienced  

    management professionals following a strict code of ethics

6. Jim Kwaiser is a Certified Management Consultant

7. Because of reputation, he is still sought out after over 40