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Families are filled with emotion. Family relationships are complicated and "tricky." "Tricky" as misplaced emotion can take over and consume relationships. "Tricky" because one word, one action, can turn years of loyalty and trust into disharmony, strained relationships and separation

Conflict is a part of every family. As kids it begins with teasing and picking on one another. As the family grows so do emotions and the reason for conflict. Jealously, deception, miscommunication, are just a few of the reasons that families begin to disintegrate. Add a business, the money, the decision-making, the succession planning - watch conflict grow and the family relationship become tricky." 

Jim Kwaiser has assisted many hundreds of family business since 1977 in moving through every imaginable family business challenge. He has consulted with family businesses in the United States and England providing practical experience and support on the stages needed for a family business to ensure their growth, success and family harmony.

Jim and his wife Ann Marie, have worked and studied intently to communicate effectively with senior, middle and the millennial generations and have effectively done so for over four decades. We have developed a system and process that enables families in business to get along better and to work more effectively.

Over the years we have discovered the following issues that create the most stress and conflict with families in business.  We have the process to help your family find the right solutions. A few of these issues are:
       1. Poor Communication - Not telling the whole story, hiding facts or just the refusal to speak
           about sensitive issues, in addition to other issues such as in-laws and the company business.

       2. Not working for the best interest of the family - Not realizing that individual success cannot
            be accomplished without the support of others.  The best support comes from a loving, caring

       3. The inability to forgive - Seeking revenge and the need to get even.

       4. Jealously - Feeling of favoritism and/or not being treated fairly.

       5. Not treating family as equals - Viewing family in terms of age, sex, education, political
affiliation, religion and not as "same level" partners. View on another as competitors for
position or leadership roles in the family and family business.

       6. Not setting the rules and boundaries for every family member - Family members that do not
            have rules on how to deal with one another or boundaries consisting of what they can and
            cannot do, usually end up in conflict, do to misc
ommunication and leading to hurt feelings
            and at times the need to get even. 


Every family is different. Every solution will be determined by the differences of each family.  Over the years we have discovered how to discover an implement the right solutions to each family's unique challenges. No two are the same. Each solution has to be developed with the differences of each family in mind. Solutions that are tailored to the uniqueness of the each families situation. No book has all the answers, no one person has all the solutions. It is the family and the experienced, certified family management counselor working together for the best interest of the entire family from which the right answers, the right solutions will come. 


 We are the experienced certified management counselors you need. We have worked with hundreds of family business and hundreds of partnerships, sole proprietorships and leaders of corporations  giving us the experiences only a very few consultants can say they share. Contact us and let us discover together if we are the right fit for your company or your family.       



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Jim Kwaiser, a certified management consultant, has assisted many

hundreds of businesses, including family businesses since 1976. Businesses

from small dance studios to a multi-divisional shipping company
headquartered in Cyprus and just about everything in-between. Conflict, jealously, feelings of favoritism, in-law situations, succession planning, leadership selection, generational concerns, buy-out agreements and rules and roles are just

a few of the issues we have assisted families in business and leaders of businesses in finding the solutions that were the right fit for all concerned.

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