What makes us different?

 * We arrange a "flat fee" based
    on the type of service that is a
    "fit" for you.


 * We don't sign a contract - so 
    you are not "stuck" with us or
    "us you" if it is not working out.


 * We have practical experience in
    a wide variety in Leading,
    Managing and Owning

 * We are semi-retired after over
    40-years of working with all
    types of
companies through-out
    the United States & we have
    been to England

 * We are still here after 40+ years
    of working with hundreds of



We are with you when you need us!

What makes us different?


* An experienced corporate leader,
   company owner and
board member. 


* A trusted adviser to company
   leaders including COB, CEO, COO,

* Over 40 years as a mentor,
   business coach and strategic

* A confidential adviser who has
   assisted families and businesses
   with their
relationships as well as
   business challenges.

* You won't like everything we tell
   you, because we will tell you
you need to hear!

* We treat your business as our 


* You work with the decision - maker
   of our company.

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Over 40 years experience

Kwaiser Consulting

Management Consulting Services

911 Aztec Trail - Mercer, PA 16137
             Jim Kwaiser, CMC
             AnnMarie Kwaiser, RN     


We are with you when you need us

Formally C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E.S. inc.

What Makes
Us Different?